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Mission in India

India is country with a deep and rich culture and history, and a rapidly growing population.  Unfortunately, many families in India have found basic survival to be a challenge, and children are often helpless victims of their circumstances.  Some children beg and  rummage through trash dumps in order to survive, while others may be sold into work camps by unscrupulous “handlers” who find the children on the streets.  With God’s provision, Global Hope has started to support children in need in south-eastern India. 


In 2012, Global Hope began partnering with an orphanage to provide support for 25 children in the care of a pastor in southeast Andhra Pradesh.   Global Hope provides assistance for food, clothing, education, salaries for adult care-givers, and basic infrastructure improvements at the orphanage, including and improved shower, and bunk beds.  


Later in 2012, Global Hope expanded our reach to include an orphanage in an agricultural township in the area, where we support an additional 12 children.