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Therapy at Children’s Hospital Main Campus

It has been another busy week with many different stories.  I’m glad that I’ve been keeping a personal journal so that I can encapsulate what happens every day.  Without it I would forget what transpired three days ago.  Ioana has had a great week of physical therapy.  She grasps new ideas quickly after being initially overwhelmed.  She is learning how to relax in her body while putting out great physical effort.  She is learning about what it means to breathe from her belly, which is challenging for the large part of our population, not just her.  She is learning what it means to be flexible around other people’s schedules.  

On that note I need to say thank you to three people that have volunteered with her transport to the church here in town for ESL classes that she is taking.  Wendy Hunt, Liz Law-Evans and Theresa Nixon have offered to pick Ioana up on different days to help with transport.  They drop her off and then our son, Ben, brings her home.  Ben has been great in having her here at the house.  I appreciate him so much and how he supports and encourages her.  He is very patient with Ioana.  Thank you Ben for being such a wonderful son!  I love you!  And of course, thank you to Pam, for being such a gift of a wife and mother.  She bears the load after a long day teaching school, and then coming home and helping Ioana with English or exercises or whatever needs done.

This week we tried something new at the Children’s Hospital main facility in Aurora.  They have a bike that is called an FES bike.  FES stands for functional electrical stimulation.  What they do is hook up electrodes to Ioana’s Quadriceps Femoris, Hamstrings and Hips to stimulate muscle contraction.  She then sits in a chair with her feet on pedals which turn automatically.  She also assists in pedaling as much as she can.  Here is a pretty good article from msnbc about how it all works.

Ioana only rode for a total of 11 minutes because they needed to do some initial testing.  We will go back next Monday and she will attempt to ride for 30 minutes on the bike.  For the next few weeks she will go twice a week to the main Children’s facility in addition to having therapy three times a week at the facility in Broomfield.  At Broomfield, she works two days a week on leg strength and one day a week on arm strength.  During the weekends, she also goes to the pool for water therapy with Pam.  Each day she is doing a combination of therapies two to three times a day and walking as much as she can.  She has a great attitude and new hope for gaining strength.  

Below is a link to some video from this past Wednesday.  I’ll be posting more about the week in the next few days.  Thanks for reading!