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Ioana Shines!

I know that many people have been wondering how Shine went for Ioana.  In short, she had a marvelous time.  Below I’ve tried to capture what it was like for her.  I’ll list bullet points to clarify her highlights.

  • A few weeks before Shine, Ioana tried on dresses at the church and the one she chose was altered just for her.
  • At Physical Therapy, her awesome therapist Katie worked with her so she could dance.
  • In the two weeks before Shine, Ioana looked at the video recaps from years before every day.  It was like watching Cinderella preparing for the ball.
  • Friday, the day of Shine, friends took Ioana to have her nails done and hair styled.
  • Different friends came over to curl and arrange her hair and put her makeup on.
  • Two days before Shine we found out that Special Times Limousine wanted to provide their services for an attendee of Shine.  They came by the house and picked up Ioana, Ben, Carl French and Cathy French.  This was a complete surprise for Ioana.
  •  Ioana just told me that Shine was the most special evening of her life.
  • Thank you to everybody that helped to make this happen for her!