A Plan to Change Hearts

By Jacci Roberts,  Jacci has been a volunteer and board member with Global Hope since 1998.  She currently serves as Field Director.


According to fundraising experts, to grab your attention, I should be showing you a picture of a child —not a chart. But this “Plan of Action” to the right represents much more than what you see written there.

Last month I was blessed to travel to Kenya with our new president, Jay Johnson, and my dad, Jeff Knight. We knew our trip would involve long conversations and lots of prayer for discernment. Trips can be overwhelming because the occasions to talk with our mission partners face-to-face are too seldom. The other 50 weeks of the year are limited to email and broken-up, static-y phone conversations, so there is a reasonable amount of pressure to tackle as much as we can in person. 

After years of resources being pumped into sustainability projects at HOREC (Hope for Orphans Rescue Center), Global Hope felt that some important needs of the children were slipping through the cracks.  We’d been trying our best to address this, but it was a difficult conversation —and not without misunderstandings as questions and answers were exchanged across continents and cultures. But when I walked into the office at HOREC, my eyes caught site of this new addition on the wall, and my heart smiled.  

The plan was created during five days of training on the psychosocial needs of children, including dealing with grief, loss, and disclosing to children their HIV status. The training was facilitated by a local, Christian organization (Kenyans training Kenyans!) and they are doing six months of monitoring and evaluation with HOREC, until HOREC builds the capacity to effectively monitor and evaluate themselves.


What you see on this chart are the beginnings of a plan to increase care for the emotional and spiritual needs of children who woke up one day in an orphanage.  It is a testimony to God’s faithfulness; that He will bless those emails and static-y phone calls when we give them to Him before we even write or speak one word.  It’s a plan to heal the holes in hearts, created by loss and grief, when they have been given enough hope to believe in a Heavenly Father after their earthly father has been lost.  A plan to help them learn to trust, to feel loved and dare to love again.  It shouts: For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” (Romans 8:15 ESV)

This brings me to the second reason I love this plan: because it’s HOREC’s plan, not ours.  We believe God has already blessed HOREC with many gifts; including buildings, local networks, knowledge, intelligence, creativity, and human resources. Finding ways to help them create, implement, and evaluate their own plan to restore children has far greater chances of success than imposing our own.

Pray for HOREC as they implement these plans in 2014. Surely there will be bumps along the road.  It’s much easier to provide a bed and a meal. But there is no substitute for the transformation that takes place when God heals a human heart. 

To make a financial donation to the Psychosocial Support plan for 2014 at HOREC click here.

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