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Happening Now – May 2015

Gain a New Perspective in Life: Go on a Mission Trip!

by Susie LeBlanc


Would you like to use your God-given gifts to minister to a hurting child?  Want to discover a different culture, language and people? Join Global Hope this summer for a life-changing mission trip experience! We are sending teams to both Kenya and Romania this August.


Susie LeBlanc went to India this March with Global Hope and shared this about her experience:


Of all the countries I’ve traveled in (and it hasn’t been that many) India was the liveliest! From the moment we stepped out of the airport our senses were bombarded with a myriad of cultural activities that created a desire to dive into what we were really here to do: be God’s hands and feet to the children!


As we swerved and honked our way from one place to another I was captured by the contrast of the beautiful, bright colored clothing worn mostly by the women and children against a dry, dusty, colorless backdrop of barren land; with a few scattered bushes and unfinished buildings of concrete. All of it covered by mounds of trash; always moving either by wind or nameless people with little brooms sweeping it into the same small pile day after day… like a never ending monotonous song.


Oh, but the most Susie_Happening Nowmelodious music came from the mouth of babes. What a privilege to meet these precious gifts from God. Dark eyes filled with hope of a future absent of hunger, pain, and rejection.


In each of the children’s homes we visited I was most impressed with the peace and sense of belonging the children mirrored in their faces and in their countenance. Even at Hope Boys’ Home that had just been established before we arrived, I was struck with how easily these little guys warmed up to us and allowed us to be a part of their lives for the short time we were there. God had already started His work of healing and regeneration.


You’ve heard others say that they learned more from the people they went to see than what they had to offer. It’s true for me every time I go! In spite of the poverty and loss these children experience, there is a joy and happiness that can only be explained though the work that is being done for them in the name of Jesus. Lord, I want that same joy, that same peace, that same trust in You, no matter what circumstance I’m in.


Do you need a new perspective on Suzie_Happening Now 2life? Go on a mission with Global Hope, you might not want to come back!


For details about what you would do on a trip or the cost, visit globalhope, or email Will Johnston at william.johnston@globalhope.orgIf you are thinking of going, please contact us no later than June 8th.