Praise & Prayer – 2015 - Global Hope

Praise & Prayer – 2015

Praise! Thanks to everyone who prayed for our high school seniors; let us thank God for His provision for our kids!

  • Mircea and Teo both passed their exams. Mircea scored an 8.6 and Teo an 8.2 (out of 10).
  • Robi scored higher than a 5 in both Romanian and Math (so he passed those), but he failed Chemistry. He will tutor over the summer and re-take it in September. The fact that he passed Math is a big deal, so we hope he is not too discouraged! Please continue to pray for Robi as he re-takes the Chemistry exam in September.

Jacci & Gladys

Praise God for the safe trip our Field Director Jacci had recently to Nairobi.  Jacci was able to visit with staff at HOREC and Spring Valley Academy.  She also was able to visit some of the relatives of the children in their homes, and five of the high school girls at their boarding schools.


Pray for safety and God’s favor for our mission team traveling to Arad, Romania from August 4-15.  They will be spending time with our kids and foster families, harvesting from the garden, building a new chicken coop at Ana’s House and visiting some of the local orphanages.

Team Aug 2015 post

Pray for safety and God’s favor for our mission team traveling to Nairobi, Kenya from September 17-29.  The team will be conducting training for the staff at the Hope for Orphans Rescue Center and Spring Valley Academy in topics such as Trauma Informed Care and Child Behavior.