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From the Field: New Home Opens in India! – March 2015

by Jacci Roberts


 Sai Charan pic_From the FieldSai Charan’s father left home five years ago and no one has heard from him since.  In order to provide for her and her son, Sai Charan’s mother, Shamala, began working as a prostitute.  The profession quickly took its toll on her health, which in turn took a toll on the number of customers she received.  No longer able to support her family, she sent Sai Charan out as a daily wage laborer. She tried four times to commit suicide, and failed at that too.


The state of Andhra Pradesh (now divided into two states: Andhra Pradesh and Telegana) has the highest number of girls trafficked into prostitution in all of India.  Prostitution is a legal profession, making it easy for children to be exposed to the trade and even forced to participate in it.  Our mission partners, Asha Jyothi, recognized the need to help women who were trafficked into the trade or trapped in it.  As they approached these women to ask them how they can help, the women replied, “If you want to help us, help our children.”  


Children are the greatest concern of mothers who work in the red light district.  Most of these children live and grow up there, and in many cases end up in the same trade as their mothers.  By providing children a home outside of the red light district, they will not be exposed to the trade of prostitution and it will encourage their mothers to pursue a different lifestyle.

The boys at Hope Boys' Home.

The boys at Hope Boys’ Home.


This month Global Hope and Asha Jyothi opened Hope Boys’ Home to care for 10 boys who are children of commercial sex workers.  Sai Charan is one of them.  


This home will provide a safe place for these children; out of the red light district and out of a house where clients come and go. In this home a loving houseparent will share the Gospel with them (and history has shown that some will turn around to lead their mothers to the Lord as well!) In addition to food and medical care, these children will have the opportunity to attend school so they can break the cycles of prostitution and poverty in their families.


Sai Charan loves mathematics and hopes to become an engineer one day.  By God’s grace, and with your support, we know he can!


 If you’d like to sponsor one of these boys at Hope Boys Home, please visit Global Hope’s Sponsorship page. Fill out the form and Nancy Week will get in touch with you letting you know which boys are available for sponsorship. 


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