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Praise & Prayer, January 2015

During this next month we would cherish your prayers for the following things: 
Iulia and her two foster daughters (and her new resources: "Bringing Up Girls" and "Bringing Up Boys")

Iulia and her two foster daughters (and her new resources: “Bringing Up Girls” and “Bringing Up Boys”)

  • To prepare the hearts of our next mission team going to India. They leave March 20th and return on the 31st.


  • Praise God that Iulia (like “Julia”), one of our foster moms in Romania, found a job! She graduated from nursing school over a year ago and we have been asking God to provide a job for her as a nurse. She is now working full-time for a family doctor.


  • Wisdom and safety for our Field Director, Jacci Roberts, as she travels to Romania from January 29th through February 4th.


  • Thank God for the opportunity for the Hope for Orphans Rescue Center to take a 3-day retreat to create a strategic plan for 2015-2018.  Pray that God would give them insight and wisdom to follow-through with the goals that they set for their organization.


  • Ioana, one of our girls in Romania, finished high school in 2014 and this month begins a 5-month course in office skills.  Pray that God would prepare a place for her to work and earn an income when she finishes this course.
    GH Field Director, Jacci, and Ioana.

    GH Field Director, Jacci, and Ioana.

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