Sponsorship Corner – May 2016 - Global Hope

Sponsorship Corner – May 2016

Be a Light of Hope for a vulnerable child!


Agnes is 3 years old and lives with both parents and her two older siblings. Her father mends shoes and her mother sells green groceries, but it doesn’t come close to providing everything they need to adequately care for their family. They live in the slums of Nairobi in an iron sheet house with no electricity or running water. Because of their financial struggles, when Agnes or her siblings is sick they often cannot afford to take them to the doctor. Just making sure they have food for everyone is a struggle. Agnes joined the Baby Class this year at Spring Valley. This means she will have access to a free education and two meals a day.

Agnes needs a sponsor! For $39/month you can help pay for the care Agnes needs. As more children are supported at Spring Valley, more children can be brought into the program and get the help and care they desperately need.

Email Nancy Week at Nancy.Week@globalhope.org if you would like to sponsor Agnes.

Be a Godparent to a child in need!