Sponsorship Corner – July 2016 - Global Hope

Sponsorship Corner – July 2016

Be a Light of Hope for a vulnerable child!Sponsorship_Dilip

The first five years of Dilip Raju’s were anything but easy. His father died from HIV when he was a toddler. For his mother to care for Dilip and his older sister she took on a traveling sales job. Besides being gone a lot from the family, Dilip’s mother was lured into the sex trade in abusive ways. It seemed in Dilip’s best interest to stay with his grandparents but they were too old to care for a young child. Between Dilip’s mother and his grandparents there still was very little income to ensure Dilip had enough food, or could go to school. He was often hungry and alone. When Dilip was five years old his grandparents knew they couldn’t care for him properly, and his mother was never around to do so either. When they heard about Hope Boys’ Home, they saw it as a great opportunity to help Dilip. Dilip is now being nurtured, fed three meals a day and talks about being an engineer someday!

Dilip needs a sponsor! By committing to $39/month you help pay for the daily care of Dilip. You can also write letters to Dilip and let him know you are praying for him.

Email Nancy Week at nancy.week@globalhope.org if you would like to sponsor Dilip.

Be a Godparent to a child in need!