Praise & Prayer – July 2016 - Global Hope

Praise & Prayer – July 2016

“Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.” 1 Chronicles 16:11

PNP_Thomas homecomingThis month remember the fatherless in your prayers.

We pray for all the orphans in this world
Who have no parents,
Or who have parents who cannot care for them.
Father, watch over these children
And bless them with your great mercy and thanksgiving.

Here are some specific Global Hope prayer requests that we can pray together:

PRAY for the mission trip team headed to Kenya July 30 through August 11 who will serve at HOREC and Spring Valley. They are a group of 12 from the University United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge, LA. May God grant them good health and safety while using them as instruments of His love to the Kenyan children and staff.

PRAY for Marian at Ana’s House. We are grateful for the opportunity for him to go to the vocational school. However, the environment there is poor and he will likely be around other youths who could be a very poor influence on him. Pray that God would protect Marian, and that he can be a positive influence on those around him.

PRAISE! Our Romanian families are so thankful for God’s presence these past months, giving them peace during a stressful time. Several of the kids were studying for the exams which determine their high schools. There has been a lot of time and money invested in getting them prepared and we praise God that they have finished with good results!

PRAISE! On June 22, Thomas, one of the little boys at HOREC, was released from the hospital after being there for a month a half battling Meningitis and inter-cranial pressure. The moment he arrived home, the children and staff embraced him screaming and shouting with joy! We praise God for healing Thomas, and restoring his strength so that he can go back to school this month.

PRAISE! Because of the generosity of many Global Hope champions we were able to fund a new girls’ home in India. We praise God that ten more girls are being rescued out of unsafe and unhealthy situations, and have an opportunity to grow, learn and be hopeful for a brighter future!