Sponsorship Corner – September 2016 - Global Hope

Sponsorship Corner – September 2016

Be a Light of Hope for a vulnerable child!


Salome Njeri is 12 years old. Salome was raised by her mother until 2011 when she died of AIDS at age 34. At 7 years old, Salome was left under the care of her grandmother and aunt who realized it was important to have her tested for HIV/AIDS. As they feared, Salome tested positive for HIV. She was quickly put on medications and given a treatment plan. The cost of such care has been an extreme hardship on an already poor family. As a result, the hospital social worker was able to get Salome admitted to HOREC so that she could get the care she needed.

Salome is in 6th grade and struggles in school, but she loves science and has an above average grade in that class. Salome wants to be a musician when she grows up.

Salome needs a sponsor! By committing to $39/month you help pay for the daily care of Salome. You can also write letters to Salome and let her know you are praying for her.

Email Nancy Week if you would like to sponsor Salome.

Be a Godparent to a child in need!