Sponsorship Corner – November 2016 - Global Hope

Sponsorship Corner – November 2016

Be a Light of Hope for a vulnerable child!

sponsorship_viorelViorel is 14 years old. He and his younger brother recently moved into Ana’s House (Romania) after being abandoned by both their parents. Viorel’s father left the family a year ago, leaving his wife to care for both children, but she couldn’t cope. She was devastated that her husband left and that she now had sole responsibility for her kids. She turned to drinking and taking drugs. It was obvious, even to the boys, her children were not her priority. It got so bad that she sold most of the family’s possessions to support her addiction. During this time the boys were left to their own devices, hanging out more on the streets than at home, and learning to depend only on themselves. Their mother’s habit got so bad that she sold their house, and abandoned the boys.

Viorel is doing great at Ana’s House and getting the care and attention he needs. Global Hope would like to you to consider being his sponsor. By committing to $39/month you help pay for Viorel’s daily care. You can also write letters to Viorel and let him know you are praying for him!

Email Nancy Week at nancy.week@globalhope.org if you would like to sponsor Viorel.