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From the Field – July 2016

FTF_Flood in garage

Roni and Marian ankle deep in water!


June brought heavy rains, which was great for the garden, but not so good for the garage and basement at Ana’s House! They were flooded by water and sewage backing up into the house, partially caused by pipes that were incorrectly installed last year when they connected to the city’s sewer system. They managed to salvage some things, but suffered a lot of damage as well.

As for the garden, the vegetables and fruits crop are flourishing. So far Ana’s House has harvested tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, onions, squash, blackberries, cherries, and apricots to name a few; pears, apples, and prunes are on the way. They eagerly await you to visit Ana’s House and sample their homemade chicken soup, homemade jam, and honey (mission trip is planned for September)!

The honey is especially cherished this year because earlier this spring, an unwelcome insect invaded the bees’ hives and more than half of their bees died. Roni estimates they will be back up to 30 hives by this fall. So far, they have harvested more than 250kg of honey, including honey made from Linden tree flowers, acacia tree flowers, sunflowers and many more varieties!

With helFTF_Lisa and fruitp from Cristi and Luci (two of the older kids that have aged out of the program), Roni finished a new chicken coop. They’ve already raised and butchered 150 chickens this season. They hope to purchase another 100 chickens to butcher in the fall. They also have 60 hens for eggs and 10 turkeys.

Marian is busy mowing lawns this summer, and with the rain you can bet the grass is growing fast. He has been saving his earnings to buy himself a better lawn mower so that he can do more business. So far he has saved about 400RON ($98)!First Day of School in Romania

Thank you for your prayers for the children who were taking exams in June!

Here is an update on how they finished and where they’re headed for the new school year:

  • Vasi finished 8th grade with an 8.48/10 and will attend the Pentecostal High School in the Math and Computer Science department. Although not his first choice, it is a very good opportunity for him! The teacher who tutored him in Romanian teaches here and she is impressed with how far Vasi has come in the last two years.  He has amazed everyone and it is clear what a great job his foster-parent, Ana, is doing.
  • Alexandra finished the 11th grade third in her class with a 9.32/10.
  • Cristina finished 8th grade with an 8.28/10 and will attend the Alexa Popovich Baptist High School.
  • Hayni finished 6th grade with a 7.62/10 and will remain at the school in her neighborhood for 7th grade.
  • Lisa will move to the Baptist school for 5th grade.


June 16th was Day of the African Child, a day observed every year to elevate the child protection agenda. The theme this year was, “Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all Children’s Rights,” promoting efforts to protect all African children, especially those in conflict areas.

FTF_HOREC acrobatsThis day was established after the 1976 uprisings in Soweto, South Africa, when a protest by black school children took to the streets.

The children protested the inferior quality of their education and demanded their right to be taught in their own language. Hundreds of young boys and girls were shot down by security forces. 

Children from all over the continent attend events to celebrate the rights of African children. HOREC staff and children traveled to Nuguluni where they joined children from other schools in an event to emphasize the importance of each child. Children expressed themselves through song, poetry, plays and dance. The children of HOREC shared an awe-inspiring acrobat performance.

FTF_SVA water flowingClean water is the essence of life so when Spring Valley Children’s Centre’s water pump burned out in June, it was a mad scramble to get it repaired. Not only do the children depend on it daily, the Spring Valley community depends on it. Without the well, the people are forced to use unclean water for cooking, cleaning and drinking. It took about two weeks to fix, but praise God, the water pump is back up and running!

With the clean water flowing, the FTF_SVA watercommunity quickly came to fill up their water drums and the kids got busy washing clothes!


The kids at Hope Boys’ and Hope Girls’ Home participate together in a weekly Bible Club. The kids have great fun together, laughing, playing, learning and praying. The time is filled with songs, bible stories and lessons for children, such as how to handle rejection, how God loves them, and their self-worth before God.


These Bible lessons are so important for the children because of the trauma they’ve experienced as young children. They often come to the Home feeling worthless and unimportant, but that begins to change quickly. The house moms are devoted to the children showing them unconditional love, and the kids interact with other positive role models like those who run the Bible Club. It’s not long before the kids can’t help but smile and laugh…and, just be kids!

FTF KEL birthday prayer

FTF_KEL kids with oranges



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