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From the Field – May 2016

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Arad, Romania

FTF_Radu and Timea

Radu and Timea

A family’s love is strong and can positively change the trajectory of a troubled child’s life, and that’s what happened in Radu’s life! Radu came under the care of Global Hope when he was ten, and came with a heartbreaking story. His mother left the family when he was just four leaving her two children in their father’s care. A couple of years later the father ended up in prison, forcing Radu and his sister to be bounced around from orphanage to orphanage.

Global Hope found Radu and his sister and wanted to help them have a stable, loving home again so in 2003, the two came under Global Hope’s care. Not surprising, Radu arrived as a rebelliousness, unhappy boy—his past had a tremendous effect on him. Radu once shared how he used “colorful language” to tell his new house-father, Roni Stepan, that he hated him and would never be obedient to him, and how he planned to run away at his earliest opportunity. Praise God, he never lived up to that threat! Instead, through years of stability and love poured into his life by his Global Hope family, Radu’s heart softened, and he began to see life differently. One day, a few years ago, Radu even confessed that he hoped someday he could be the kind of father that Roni was to him.FTF_Radu ultrasound

Two years ago, Radu graduated from High School and last year he married Timea. Today, he is working a steady job, and Radu recently announced he and Timea are expecting their first child later this year! We thank God for the remarkable change we’ve seen in Radu over the years and celebrate this exciting news!

Other Updates: Four of the children are studying to take their 8th grade exams, which is extremely important in determining what’s next for them. We expect Cristina (Balas) and Vasi to pass, although their scores will decide which high school they can go to. For Marian and Simon, it is less likely they will pass, so we are searching for vocational opportunities for them. Simon loves mechanics so there may be opportunities for him in that field, while Marian loves helping Roni care for the chickens and gardens, so that may be an area he can excel in.

Speaking of chickens, Ana’s House has their new chicks, and lots of them! Marian has already begun to help Roni take care of them. Besides chickens, the gardens are beginning to bloom and they will be relocating the beehives to a location where there will be lots of pollination activity. They move the bees a few times a year, depending on what is in bloom, to maximize the honey production.

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Nairobi, Kenya


With the children getting time off from school in April, HOREC staff took time to offer some classes for the parents/caregivers of the children. The staff addressed ways to best work together to help the children succeed. Do you know one of the best ways to help your child succeed?Stay involved in their life! Ask them how they’re doing. Help them with their homework. Take time to play with them. Letting them know you care makes a big difference in your child’s life, and this was one of the messages shared with the caregivers. FTF_HOREC kids

Also during this time, HOREC held multiple sessions to talk with and educate the children on HIV. A number of children living at HOREC have HIV, and many of the children have relatives with it, so it’s important to help the kids understand what causes it, and how it’s spread, treated and prevented. During an exercise where children were asked to draw pictures that describe how they think of HIV, many drew sickly people and images of death. While there is no cure, the staff helped the children understand that with the help of medicine even people with HIV can lead productive lives. It was an important time to encourage those who have HIV, and help those who don’t have it to be supportive of their brothers and sisters.


Spring Valley Academy

During most of April, the children at Spring Valley had time off from school until the new semester began May 2. During this time off, the Spring Valley staff organized a week long youth camp, similar to Vacation Bible School here in the States.

Volunteers came to teach Bible stories and talk about the worth of each child. This is important because many of the kids at Spring Valley are intimidated by other children in surrounding communities who are better-off economically than them. They feel that since they are poor, abused or orphans, no one cares about their opinion. Their self-worth and esteem are very low. The camp was an encouraging time as the children were taught how they are important to God, and God uses all types of people to accomplish His purposes. They were encouraged to not let their youth or position in society to deter them from being bold and courageous, as well as a good example to other believers.

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Hyderabad, India

FTF_Peda and China

Peda and China Nandu

Kathryn E Larson Children’s Home (KEL)

This is the time of the year that we often hear moans and groans from our children because of end of the year testing. The kids in India have been studying for their final exams as well, but if they fail they do not go to the next grade! Because of how important these exams are, KEL staff have been diligently helping the kids study. They’re working hard, but in case someone doesn’t pass, they will have an opportunity to retake the test (but that means much more studying, which no child wants!)

While there are several children getting good marks in school, two sisters at KEL stand out this semester—Peda and China Nandu. They have overcome some difficult challenges this past year, especially with their health, but now they are at top of their class! Peda is in 6th grade and China is in 5th grade and both will be taking their exams as well.

Hope Girls’ Home and Hope Boys’ Home

FTF_Hope BoysGirls HomeDuring a school break in April, the children at Hope Girls’ and Boys’ Home participated in a week long “Summer Camp.” They played games, sang songs, and learned Bible verses. They also had a volunteer group come out and put on a puppet show, which the children loved! These camps are important times to remind the kids about God’s love and our position as a child of God. One girl shared this at the end of the camp:

FTF_Hope BoysGirls Home 2


I thought that God doesn’t love me because despite working hard I do not score good marks in school. I always envied my other friends when they scored good marks. I always felt so inferior and good for nothing. But this camp has changed my whole perspective about God. I realize how much God loves me even if I don’t score good marks. I know that God loves me and has great plans for my life.

We thank God for all He did in each child’s heart during this camp time!

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