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From the Field – November 2016

Field Updates


You might recall a recent announcement that the family at Ana’s House got bigger as we welcomed two new boys: Viorel (14 years old), and his brother Rares (11 years old). The boys are adjusting to their new family very well, and have brought new energy to the household. In fact, they’ve had no problem “finding their voice,” and Roni tells us that their room has quickly become the noisiest room of the house! Besides boys just being boys, they also enjoy singing. Rares has even started to join Lisa on Thursdays for Children’s Choir at the church. 


When the boys aren’t doing school work (or singing!) they love helping Cristina and Marian with their daily chores. They enjoy feeding the turkeys, collecting eggs from the hens, vacuuming the stairs, and whatever else needs getting done for the day. And, Cristina and Marian don’t mind since it means getting done with chores quicker!

Building in a strong work ethic in the children at Ana’s House is an important value, and as the kids get older we begin to see this take shape in their personality. Marian, for example, showed a strong work ethic this summer as he took on mowing jobs to earn money. He saved what he earned and recently bought a winter coat, and a suit and shoes for church. Now, he will be the best dressed on Sundays! Despite life getting busier for Marian with attending vocational school, he offered to do a fall garden clean up for a neighbor who is also a widow. Now he has some extra money he plans to save for the holidays. Great work Marian!

One more new addition came to Ana’s house recently–a stray puppy. We’ll see if he stays, but if the kids have any say in it, he will! They’ve made a cardboard box for him with a blanket to sleep on, and every chance they get, they’re doting on him. Not a bad thing when you consider that petting and cuddling dogs has been shown to relieve stress and help people relax!


The end of October marked the beginning of a long school break for the children at HOREC and Spring Valley, with the excepftf_kenya_craftstion of the 8th graders who had one additional week of school. They had to take the very important national exam which determines if they can go to high school, and if so, where. (Check out the article in “Grow Your Know” to learn more about the school system in Kenya.) Now that that week is over, ALL the children are breathing easy and excited to have time off school until January 2017!


A Global Hope mission team to Kenya just arrived home the beginning of November (Suzanne Dubois, Katya Dubois, Alicia Shaw, Renee Miller, Deb Felio). Two members provided trauma-informed care to the caregivers and staff, which was very well received (more to be shared in the next newsletter), while the other team members had fun with the kids. They played lots of games (the little kids love “Follow the Leader”!) and made various crafts together. The whole team also had an opportunity to pray with the 8th graders and encourage them in their studies.


Last month, a Global Hope mission team (Jay Johnson, Mike Traxler, Priscilla Machan) visited our partners in India. One of the fun memories was visiting the children at the Katherine E Larson Children’s Home in Palakol. The team took the kids swimming at the nearby beach, and Jay shared this insight: 

“It was especially enjoyable to see the children playing and enjoying spending time with each other and their caregivers. It reminded us that children all over the world are God’s creation and enjoy laughing and playing together. They deserve the opportunity to do this and know that they are loved by someone and have a safe place to call home.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe team also visited Hope Girls Home, Hope Boys Home and Prema Girls Home in Hyderabad. Reflecting on this time, Jay shared:

“The children put on an amazing performance for us singing and dancing. It was touching to see how much joy they exude in sharing their talents, and how much pride they take in performing well. It was also very inspiring to hear the children recite bible verses and sing worship songs—Christ is obviously a big part of their life.”

After spending some time with the children the team had to bid them good-bye because this time of the year the children get to go home and visit any extended families and/or guardians they might have. This is very important for the children in that it allows them to maintain contact with their community/families building a sense of belonging as they get older.

ftf_india-dancePray about taking time to go on a mission trip yourself to India, or any of the other countries where Global Hope works. You will be amazed by how God opens your eyes to the needs of the world, while also using you to share His love to children who are often seen as outcasts. Email Will Johnston if you’d like more information about the 2017 mission trips.

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