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Grow Your Know – May 2017

Charitable Organizations Working in India

With the recent withdrawal of Compassion from India, we are receiving many questions about our ministry being able to continue as is in the country. At this time, there is no concern that our work or partnerships in India are in jeopardy of being stopped. We are grateful that we are still able to support the children living in our three homes in Hyderabad, and the children at KEL Children’s Home in Palakollu.


What has been happening in India over the past few years is troubling though. It’s not just Christian organizations being affected, but all sorts of charitable organizations, including the mammoth Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was reported just weeks ago that the Gates Foundation was recently blocked from giving money to nonprofit health organizations in India.


The reason for many of these organizations being barred from sending money into India seems to center on concerns by the government that these organizations are engaging in “anti-national” activities. For example, a number of NGOs that highlighted issues such as caste discrimination, human rights or environmental concerns did not get their foreign funding license renewed because it was believed they were part of a “growth-retarding campaign” to discredit India at international forums.


Over 11,000 NGOs have lost their license to accept foreign funding since 2014 when Prime Minister Modi took office. It is likely we haven’t seen the end of this yet. Home ministry officials have said they are enforcing the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) to ensure the non-profit sector is compliant and transparent and are not engaging in illegal political or anti-national activities.


It is difficult to see charitable organizations be barred from doing work in India when their intention is to serve and help the neediest people of the world. We thank God that Global Hope is still able to serve orphan and vulnerable children in India, and we will continue to strive to help these kids thrive and achieve their dreams. If you’d like to support the India program or sponsor a child from India, please visit www.globalhope.org/giving and include in the comments your interest in supporting the program or sponsoring a child.



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