India is a country with a deep and rich culture and history and a rapidly growing population. Unfortunately, many families in India have found basic survival to be a challenge, and children are often helpless victims of their circumstances.  Some children beg and rummage through trash dumps in order to survive, while others may be sold into work camps by unscrupulous “handlers” who find the children on the streets.  With God’s provision, Global Hope supports children in need in Southeastern India. 


 In 2012, Global Hope began partnering with the Kathryn E. Larsen Children’s Home (KEL) to provide support for 25 children in the care of a pastor in Southeast Andhra Pradesh. Global Hope provides assistance for food, clothing, education, salaries for adult caregivers, and basic infrastructure improvements at KEL, including showers, a dining area, and bunk beds.   




In 2013, Global Hope partnered with a Christian organization called Asha Jyothi in Hyderabad, India to open Hope Girls’ Home.  At Hope Girls’ Home ten girls, cared for by two Christian house moms, have a safe place to live, sleep, learn and hear the Gospel.  How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news!  Isaiah 52:7




In 2015, Global Hope opened another home called Hope Boys’ Home. These boys are children of commercial sex workers and come from extremely vulnerable and dangerous situations. In India, prostitution is a legal trade. Many women who are destitute turn to it hoping to make enough money for themselves and their family. Not surprisingly, it is more harmful than helpful to the woman, and consequently, her family. Hope Boys’ Home provides a safe place for these children, and an opportunity to get an education so they can break the cycles of poverty and prostitution.




In 2016, Global Hope opened a third home called Prema Girls’ Home. The ten girls that live here were rescued out of high-risk homes that involved either mothers working in the commercial sex trade, or an abusive environment, or extreme destitution. The girls are now living in a safe, loving environment with the opportunity to go to school and begin building a bright future.




Through your prayers and your gifts, you are an important part of these children’s future!