Romania Dobrea House

My name is Iulia Dobrea and I was born in 1972 into a simple, but hardworking and loving family. I have two sisters and one brother. In 1991 I was married to the gentlest man I’ve ever met, Francisc, and we have two wonderful children, Denisa and David.

While I was pregnant with David, I prayed that God would give me a job where I might be able to serve him. In 2006, I was called to work at the House of Hope. There I met Alexandra and Cristina and I can say that they were dear to me from those first days. This year I received the proposition to take one or two children into my home as a foster family. I agreed to pray about this situation and, after awhile, my entire family felt the conviction that God wanted us to serve Him in this way. So, on July 1, 2009, the girls became a part of our family. In the future we hope to provide them all that we can to grow up to be beautiful – spiritually, morally, and physically.

My name is Francisc Dobrea and I was born September 14, 1969. I was abandoned by my parents at birth, and raised by my grandmother on my mother’s side. When I was six years old I was sent to an orphanage because my grandmother had no money. There I had a hard life; I lacked many things and suffered at the hands of other children.

By trade, I am an installation expert and have worked with my firm for about two years. I first came to know Alexandra and Cristina when I would pick up my wife from her work at the House of Hope. As Iuli wrote, the girls are very dear to us and we want to raise them as our children.

Denisa Dobrea was born on April 23rd, 1998. She is a fifth grader at the Baptist school. She likes to read, to play on the computer, and to spend her free time outdoors. She’s a good girl and likes to help her mom around the house. When Denisa grows up she wants to be a dentist.

David Dobrea was born July 21, 2005. He is in his second year of pre-school and he likes to play cars, color, and computer games. He likes to spend lots of time with Denisa, and gets along with Cristina and Alexandra very well.