Romania Garden Project

Garden Project

fall-growthAs you can see, with every picture, the garden at Ana’s House is looking better and better. The kids are working hard and we’re convinced that this experience will be extremely useful to them in the future. It’s not easy to maintain a garden of this size, but when you see all the goods it’s producing, you can’t help but say, “God is good!”

With God’s help, and the support of the First United Methodist Church of Durango for many years, the end result they have been striving for has arrived: they’ve produced more in the garden than they need, and are heading to the market to sell from the abundance! There won’t be a great financial gain, but it is a new and good experience for our children. They will keep 20% of what they earn in return for their work, and the rest will be reinvested into the garden project. A local Italian restaurant owned by Christians has “contracted” with Ana’s House as their provider. So every morning they take fresh vegetables to the restaurant as well. They covet your prayers that the Lord will also choose to bless this part of the project.

We desire to develop a business and to develop new skills in our children, skills that will help them as they make their way in this world. We hope you enjoy these photos, and Ana’s House invites all to come and visit, and taste the produce yourselves!