Romania Miclea House

My name is Cornel Micle, and I was born in 1955. I married by wife Mariana in 1978. The Lord blessed our family with two children, Emanuela (29) and Benjamin (26). Currently I work as a pastor in an area of Arad called Chereus. My wife works at a special education school in Arad ~ the Sunshine School where Cristina Tamas attended (Cristina who lives at Ana’s House). Both of our children are married.

After our adult children moved away from our home, we felt a desire to offer love to other children. With the Lord’s help, we became Global Hope foster parents in 2009 for two boys, Luci and Simon Roman. In 2011, we had the opportunity to also bring their brothers, Vasi and Cristi, into our home. So now we have four boys!

Even though it has not been easy, we rejoice in the progress we have made and in the way they have integrated into our family. Luci just finished the 8th grade, and in the fall will begin high school. Simon has completed the 2nd grade, and has made huge strides, finishing among the top in his class ~ we are very excited about this! Likewise, we can see an improvement in his behavior, going hand-in-hand with his education.

With diligence we strive to help these boys feel loved and accepted in our family. We thank God first, who has given us this responsibility and privelege. And we thank our friends and sponsors, who support this ministry that has cared for Luci, Cristi, Simon and Vasi since 1999.