Romania Stanca House


Gabi, Hoiny, Dorel and Andrada


We are Dorel and Gabi Stanca and we live in Arad, Romania. We married in 1988 and the Lord blessed our family with two children, Adi and Andrada. I began working at the House of Hope in 1999, when it first opened it’s doors.

In 2005 the Lord gave us the opportunity to become house parents at Steven’s House, also under the umbrella of Global Hope. For 3 ½ years we strived to create a family atmosphere in which these five children would feel loved and cherished.

Due to financial hardships, Steven’s House had to close it’s doors and our family was briefly separated from the Global Hope children we cared for. During this transition my husband and I, and our children (Adi & Andrada) did not have peace about the situation and missed the children very much. It was not long before we decided to become a foster family for Flavious, Haynal (Hoiny), and Ionuti.

Presently, I can say that we are a happy family; the children have grown and made a lot of progress.  When Hoyni was younger she required a  gluten-free diet. However, by the Lord’s healing hands, and through efforts to reintroduce certain foods, she is able to now eat food with gluten without any problems! She enjoys school and loves swinging and playing with dolls.

Ionuti graduated high school in 2011 but remains in the Global Hope program while he attends nursing school. He also works at a pizza restaurant part-time. 

Flavius graduated high school in 2014 and has since moved to London where he is currently working and enjoying a new culture and experience.

We feel blessed and fulfilled in the fact that we can love each other, understand one another, and raise our children according to Biblical principles.

Ionuti working hard!

Ionuti working hard!