Africa has been devastated by the HIV pandemic, a tragedy that has created millions of orphaned children across the continent, with over 2.5 million orphans under the age of 18 in Kenya.  Additionally, even children with parents are faced with a life-and-death struggle for survival against crushing poverty. Some of the world’s largest slum areas are in and around Nairobi, Kenya.  


In 2008, Global Hope started working in Kenya by partnering with the Hope for Orphans Rescue Center (HOREC) to provide care for AIDS orphans. HOREC, which is located east of Nairobi in Mutalia, is headed up by Christine Wambui. Christine was called to this ministry when she lost her sister to AIDS and adopted her orphaned nephew.  Over the years, she has become an important leader in her community in AIDS education and awareness, and has pioneered the care for HIV+ children. 


Christine is “Mum” to over 40 children now who are growing up surrounded by loving caregivers and receiving the care they need to be strong and healthy. They also are getting an education and participating in various extracurricular activities to help them explore their talents. One of their favorite activities to do together is acrobatics!



In Kenya, Global Hope also supports children who live in a slum DSC_2783area called Spring Valley. Our mission partner, Spring Valley Children’s Center and School, began in 1999 by Pastor Stanley and his wife Alice. They started with just enough money to feed 50 children for ten days, and by God’s grace and with the help of organizations like Global Hope, they have been feeding children every day for 15 years! Hundreds of children are saved from starvation in Spring Valley through the meals provided at Spring Valley Children’s Centre.


Onsite Spring Valley Children’s Centre is a church, a school, and two dorms. The first dorm is the Talitha Koum Rescue Center that is home to 80 girls at risk of such things as: sexual abuse, prostitution and trafficking. The second is the Joshua Project Rescue Center that is home to 48 boys at risk of physical
abuse, drugs and recruitment to local gangs or even terrorist groups. Today, over 375 children receive food, education and basic necessities because of Spring Valley
Children’s Center. 


Global Hope partners with Pastor Stanley and Alice to sponsor the costs of caring for and feeding these children, giving them a chance to grow up healthy and in a safe environment.




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