Global Hope Village


In India, there are children waiting, right now, to be rescued from homes of commercial sex workers and extreme poverty. These children are at risk of abuse and being exposed to unthinkable situations. This is urgent and Global Hope is partnering with its mission lead in south-central India to rescue these children this year.
Together, we are partnering to expand Global Hope Village.
The village will house and protect these children. They will live in a safe, loving community while receiving the best education possible. They will maintain their relationship with their mother.
Initial funding needs for the construction and opening of the five new homes has been met by generous and faithful donors!  Help is still needed to meet the ongoing monthly costs of caring for the children in the new homes.  Cost of each home per month is approximately $1,100 — you can help us meet that need by becoming a Global Hope Godparent or by setting up a recurring monthly donation designated to the Global Hope Village project.


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Help is still needed to provide for the ongoing needs of the 70 children currently in our care and the 50 children that will be joining us soon!


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