Great Ways for your Church to Partner with Global Hope

Host a Sponsorship Drive

Child sponsorship is an easy entry into global giving, people who want to give and fulfill the biblical mandate to help children, orphans and the poor will find a pathway through Global Hope’s Godparent Program.

Your church can partner with us to hold a Virtual Child Sponsorship Drive, an In-person Child Sponsorship Drive or some combination of the two!

Gather a Team

In each country where we work, Global Hope sends teams to serve the children and caretakers. We believe mission trips have the power to transform both those serving and those being served (and sometimes it’s not clear which category one falls in!)

We can help you coordinate your own mission trip with members from your congregation.

Partner on a Project

Global Hope can provide you with creative interactive projects to engage your congregation in the spirit of giving or work with you to bring to life ideas of your own.

Visit our Special Projects page to learn more!

These are just a few ways we can partner together, but ultimately, it comes down to what your church needs to live out James 1:27.

What ideas do you have?

Reach Out!

We're glad to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.
Working together, we can make a difference!