Become a Global Hope Godparent!

You can be an answer to prayer for one of the neediest children in the world today by becoming a Global Hope Godparent.  Here are a few of our newest children who need sponsors:

You may sponsor one of these children, or let us choose a child for you!



As a Godparent, the most important gift you give is the love your Godchild will feel when you pray for them and write them letters. You may even be able to show them how much you care by visiting them through a Global Hope mission trip! Additionally, your monthly sponsorship gift ensures that your Godchild has a safe place to live with loving caregivers who ensure each child’s needs are met. We also help cover the cost of education so that the children can break the cycle of poverty that permeates the communities where we work.


You can sign up to become a Godparent and sponsor a child using the form on this page. Someone will contact you and send you a child packet. As a Godparent, you can commit to:

1. Pray

Please pray for your child as often as possible. Your child’s profile and letters will help provide you with specific things to pray about.

2. Write

Using the Write link on this website makes it easy to write as often as you like. We encourage Godparents to send a message to their child about once a month. The message can be as simple as, “I am proud of your hard work in school!” or “I have been praying for you!”

3. Support

Your $39/month commitment helps to ensure your child’s basic necessities, including food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education are taken care of.  Global Hope also invests in quality caregivers and facilities so that children can thrive. 



Choose to be a Godparent today!


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