“I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.”

— Abraham Lincoln

Here are some specific Global Hope prayer requests that we can pray together:

PRAY for the health of the children. Some have come down with colds and flu bugs, and some are recovering from minor injuries from sports and play activities. Please also pray for the annual medical camp that is planned at KEL Children’s home in May to check on both the children at KEL and the children in the surrounding community.

PRAY for Kenya as they enter into the election season. There has been some violence and unrest reported already (elections are in August). Many public schools are being used as polling stations and a lot of damage has been done at these schools by angry protestors who are complaining that the nominations are not free and fair. Pray for stability in the country and a peaceful election.

PRAY for Mircea, one of our kids living at Ana’s House. He is in his second year of college, and has an opportunity to live with his biological mother this summer. While she has not been a stable or healthy influence in the past, it appears she wants to make an effort to establish a relationship with her son. We pray wounds may be healed and a new, healthy relationship may form.

PRAISE GOD for many of our kids who are excelling in school. We’ve received first quarter grades and many are doing very well, with a few at the top of their class!

PRAISE GOD for the success of Global Hope’s 7th annual banquet. Many new people have stepped forward interested in being a part of Global Hope’s work, and we raised a record amount of money that will help sustain and grow the efforts of Global Hope.

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