We are excited to welcome our new Ana’s House houseparents, Adriana and Claudiu, along with their children Elissa and Filip. We asked Adriana to write a little something to introduce her family…


I want to introduce our family to you. We are the Calin family, Claudiu 38, Adriana 37, Filip 15, and Elissa 8. My husband and I have been married for 16 years. After we got married, we moved to a small town where Claudiu was named pastor to a small baptist church and I worked as an English teacher. After six years, we moved back home and Claudiu continued his work as a pastor and we immediately started an Awana program in our city. I gave up teaching when our daughter was born and we decided that I should stay at home and take care of both of our children. Although going back to school was tempting and would have been better financially, after Claudiu became the director of the camp in Sistarovat, it was harder and harder to manage with all the work and separation. So, I supported him and became available for him and the camp. When we were first presented with the proposition to be houseparents, I immediately said no, because I was scared and didn’t consider myself fit and able to do this. But my husband encouraged me, and then I realized I could greatly impact the children’s lives, doing almost the same thing as before.

We are looking forward to this opportunity,


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