Apart from learning in class the children of Spring Valley are taught other skills that will assist them in the future and prepare them for all sorts of jobs once they finish school.

The children are taught how to cook, clean, do laundry, they are also taught carpentry, farming and art and craft activities. The students are also encouraged to use their talents like singing, playing games like soccer, and acting/drama.

These lessons and skills are very important especially for our children who come from very poor backgrounds and need to be equipped so that they can live a life of great success in the future.

Your contributions assist in purchasing all the items the children need for learning both inside and outside the classroom.

What you are doing for a child in Spring Valley is not in vain because we get to see the wonderful transformation that takes place in their lives every day. May the Lord truly bless each one of you in a great and mighty way.

Boys in Class 7 working on repairs for a classroom desk

laundry day

above and below: cooking lessons

laundry day

laundry day

learning gardening skills