The cabinet secretary of education professor George Magoha, on Monday March 28th, announced the KCPE national examinations for grade 8 pupils which were released yesterday. The Secretary of Education briefed the President, before holding a press conference announcing the results and how the candidates in the country performed. The national exams are tough exams and are taken very seriously in Kenya because they determine which high school the students will attend. The better a student performs the better the high school they will get to attend.

We are excited to report that grade 8 students at Spring Valley received the highest scores on their KCPE exams of all the schools in the district!  All our grade 8 students now have a chance of joining good high schools so that they can further their education and one day be free from a life of poverty.  A hearty congratulations to top Spring Valley student, Amihud Ayusa, with a total score of 405 — not far from the 426 earned by the top student in the country.  Eugene Anyona, followed Amihud close behind with a score of 393, and Dolphine who was the top girl at Spring Valley with a score of 387.

Top Student, Amihud

Two more super smart kids — Dolphine and Eugene