Coming in May 2022: Ruth Girls’ Home

We are excited to announce that we will be opening our seventh home in India on the Medchal campus. Ruth Girls’ Home will be home for 10 little girls who are in desperate need of a safe and loving home. At their new home they will have a warm bed and a house mom to take care of them, cook their meals, and help them with their schoolwork. The girls will live within walking distance of the new John’s Academy where they will attend school with the other children who live on the campus. They will attend church with the other children, have time for bible study with the girls in their home, and receive Christian religious education in the school. And of course, with 10 little girls living in one home there will be time for playing and singing and dancing!!

Looking down the row of children’s homes. Each building has two homes, one on the first floor and one on the second floor. Each is home to 10 children.

The girls from Hope Girls Home back in 2015. We hope the girls at Ruth Girls’ Home will be just as happy!

The girls at Prema Girls’ Home love to play and dance!