So many of you in our Global Hope family stepped up to help us provide immediate care for the 28 children that came to us in Romania from a Ukraine orphanage, and we are so incredibly grateful for your generosity.  The children are now settled into their new home, Nehemiah House, in a beautiful little village in central Romania.  They are attending an online school organized by the Ukrainian government and they are taking Romanian lessons so they can function more easily in their new life in Romania.  We don’t know how long the children will be with us at Nehemiah House, we are preparing for a minimum of two years.  After that time, they may return to Ukraine or they may stay on with us in Romania — either way we want them to be safe, loved and well-cared for.  The cost of living in Romania has sky-rocketed in recent months — providing for the needs of 28 new children and Nehemiah House staff is quite a challenge, but one we know it’s one we can meet with your help. How can you help?  Sign up to become a Global Hope Godparent to one or more of the children — you will see a few different monthly contribution levels listed at the top of the sponsorship page.  If you prefer, you can sign up to give a monthly amount to sponsor Nehemiah House in general, rather than as a sponsor to a specific child.  We are grateful for any dollar amount you feel called to give — our financial commitment for Nehemiah House is $9,800/month which breaks out to $350/month per child.  Visit our sponsorship webpage to choose a godchild:  Sponsor a Child in Romania at Nehemiah House

Or visit our recurring donation page to set up a monthly giving amount to help support Nehemiah House:  Donate