Major Need in India

Global Hope currently cares for nearly 100 children in India across eight homes. Our ministry partner in south central India continues to do a remarkable job rescuing children from homes involved in commercial sex trafficking and extreme poverty. They provides excellent housing and the highest level of education. Their academic scores are outstanding. Of the 100 children we support, 70 children reside at the Hyderabad location.

The growth of this campus has been remarkable but has reached its capacity. Furthermore, our partner has been in contact with local authorities and there are over 200 children waiting to be rescued from the commercial sex industry right now! This is not a hypothetical need. There are specific children identified that must be rescued, but there are no more homes available on the existing property.

To respond to this urgent need, our partner has stepped out in faith and purchased 6 acres of land. He has asked Global Hope to lead the construction and launch of five children’s homes so that 50 children can be rescued, as the starting point for construction of this new project.

Global Hope is seeking major partners who can come along side and support this very important initiative. Whether that is you or someone you know, we’d love to discuss this in more detail.

We’re seeking $210,000 to launch this project:
• 5 homes @ $25,000 to build
• 5 homes @ $5000 start-up costs
• 5 homes; 12 months of operational costs @$1000/month each

If you have the tug to get involved either directly or know of someone who we should discuss this initiative with, please contact Scott French at

This is the land where the new campus will be built: