A Special Message from our Partners at Spring Valley Children’s Center in Kenya:

March 28, 2023

Things have taken an ugly turn in Kenya with protests now turning violent between the opposition leaders and the government. Yesterday the clashes were so bad that many children did not attend school and many schools in Nairobi were closed for the day. The violence and protests escalated so much that a church and mosque were burned to the ground last night in the slums of Kibra and looting and destruction of properties in parts of the city were reported. The protestors were throwing stones and rocks at the police while the police tried to control the angry protestors with tear gas.

It is a risky situation especially now that the opposition leaders have said that on Thursday they will again lead in more protests and hold demonstrations claiming that the current government is ‘illegitimate’ even though the election win was upheld by the Supreme Court and international observers.

Dear partners and friends, we here at Spring Valley are working hard in protecting the school and the children who bravely came to school despite the violence that took place yesterday. The staff also all bravely showed up to work, some walking for long distances because no public transport buses were working yesterday due to fear.

These are hard times in Kenya and we humbly request your prayers for peace in Kenya and for the safety and security of our children, staff, school and church. Thank you for all you do for us and May the Lord bless you greatly as you say a prayer for us tonight.