On Thursday March 30th the opposition leader led his supporters in anti-government protests across Nairobi by the afternoon the protestors and government police were clashing and most schools and businesses had to close early due to safety concerns. Here at Spring Valley we also had to dismiss the children and staff who live outside the school compound by 3pm because the protestors were a few kilometers away and they were throwing stones, looting business premises and mugging passersby, despite the police trying very hard to control them. The local supermarkets all shut down early and all the schools in this constituency also closed early.

We are happy to report that none of our children or staff were hurt yesterday and everyone got home safely and came back to school today safely. The opposition leader and his followers have stated that the demonstrations will continue again on Monday next week despite the government outlawing and banning the demonstrations due to the disruptive nature of the protests that are making Nairobi come to a standstill and affecting the safety and economy of the county.

Pastor Stanley and tr. Alice are the true heroes of Spring Valley because they live quite a distance from the school and they have to drive through several areas, like Kibra, that are highly volatile during the protests to get to Spring Valley and to get back home. Pastor Stanley and tr. Alice never miss a day of work despite the risk they take during the demonstrations and they are usually the last to leave to work making sure all the children and staff have left the school safely. We thank God so much for giving us wonderful parents in the Lord like pastor Stanley and tr. Alice who are so committed and deeply care about the safety of the children, staff and school always.

Schools in Nairobi County are also worried how the demonstration will affect the school curriculum because schools are closing early due to the demonstrations and other schools are not opening at all.

Please continue to pray for Kenya and the safety of the children, staff, school and Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice as the demonstrations are set to continue on Monday next week. Thank you for all you do for us and may the Lord bless you always for making great things happen in Spring Valley.

Picture courtesy of Reuters; protestors block a major road yesterday

Below: children safe at school, Alice and Pastor Stanley