Your donations and your prayers are making a big difference in the lives of the children living at Nehemiah House in Prod and the young people living at the House of Joy in Cornatel. The children at Nehemiah House now attend a school established especially for refugees from Ukraine. They recently commemorated the one year anniversary of when the war between Ukraine and Russia began. Their lives are very different than they were just over a year ago, but the children are doing well in their new home where they are cared for and loved in a strong Christian environment.

We are happy to share with you news from both homes — simply follow the links below to read the newsletters from the House of Joy and Nehemiah House. From Nehemiah House you will see pictures of visits to the dentist, birthday celebrations, and fun school activities. From House of Joy you will see pictures of their many outings — including an important trip to Bucharest — working on house renovations, playing in the snow, shopping, and so much more. Those kids are busy!!

Click here to access the Nehemiah House April 2023 newsletter:

Click here to access the House of Joy April 2023 newsletter: