Good Things Happen!

It is true, good things happen when people of good faith work together in alignment with God’s desire. We know that children are close to the heart of the Lord and we are grateful for the blessings that have arrived in the last few weeks.

Here is the story! On March 23rd a group of mission-minded folks at Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church hosted an event to support the ministry of Global Hope in central Romania. They raised $21,200 and sent a team to serve in the mission field! The children at the House of Joy and Nehemiah House will be blessed.

Then, on April 20th our annual spring Global Hope banquet took place with Thomas Agutu from Kenya as our keynote speaker. Global Hope received $78,400 in contributions to support our growing ministry around the world. It was remarkable!

But that is not all, on April 25th we hosted a luncheon with our Indian partner. Their presentation was incredible! Individuals and families provided $24,000 at that gathering to support the rescue of children from extreme poverty and the commercial sex trade.

A group of friends who were present at the India event began to pray about building a new home for children in India as a part of our Global Hope Village project. Their prayerful commitment generated $35,000 that will be used to build the second home in Global Hope Village and ten new children will have a safe and loving home. Outstanding!

There is no doubt in my mind, Good Things Happen when people of faith dig in together! Our deepest thanks to all of our faithful donors. Let’s double our prayer efforts this month for our children! Good Things Happen when people pray!