A Message From Pastor Cristi in Romania

Pastor Cristi Istrate is our Global Hope ministry partner in Sibiu, Romania. He oversees life at the House of Joy and at Nehemiah House. Below is a message from Cristi regarding recent events in Romania. We are grateful for the love and care our Global Hope children receive and that we have caregivers who are providing a safe Christian environment where the children can grow, learn and thrive everyday.

Yesterday, I experienced an interesting day. In Romania, a colossal scandal is unfolding, centered around a series of elderly care homes where individuals were subjected to unimaginable mistreatment. Starvation, confinement, and physical abuse ran rampant within these facilities. Unfortunately, the state’s acknowledgment of these atrocities came too late, as certain authorities turned a blind eye to these horrors. Eventually, these wretched institutions were stopped through a grand-scale operation.


In an earnest effort to rectify the systemic lack of professionalism and dereliction of duty within our institutions, the Romanian government commenced an extensive and meticulous investigation yesterday in all of Romania. Houses of children and the elderly, including our own, found themselves under scrutiny. Early in the morning, a big group comprising law enforcement and seven regulatory agencies descended upon our doorstep, bustling and jostling to meticulously inspect our orphanage. It was a demanding and exhausting day, necessitating the showing of countless documents from our archives and the thorough interrogation of the children residing in the House of Joy.


Allow me to share the outcome: each regulatory official left our premises with tears welling in their eyes, profoundly moved by the authentic joy and the remarkable talents exhibited by our children! No irregularities were discovered by any of the institutions. Instead, they were profoundly touched by the unwavering dedication and care exhibited toward our children.


It is important to emphasize that when we engage in social projects devoid of love for our fellow human beings, it becomes glaringly evident—a resounding failure.

Let every action we undertake be driven by love and for the glory of God, so that our endeavors may triumph in the eyes of our Creator and in front of people. Our light needs to shine and change society.


Cristian Istrate