Unfortunately due to climate change, global warming, pollution, cutting of trees, and huge population growth there has been severe food scarcity and drought in Kenya and Africa in general. Kenya relies heavily on rainfall to farm and feed the population and due to the drought that has lasted for many years now the country has been forced to import sugar, rice, wheat, maize and most of the fruits making them very expensive in the market.

The president of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto, is determined to change this narrative and make Kenya and Africa a green, self-sustaining country and continent once again. Kenya this week led by our president is privileged to host the Africa Climate Summit & Africa Climate week which began yesterday and many dignitaries from all over the world are attending the five day summit including the United States government’s climate envoy, John Kerry, and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and other heads of state.

The summit will address the effects of global warming, climate change, food crisis and ways that Africa and the world can reverse the effects of global warming and climate change to make Africa and the world a better healthier cleaner place.

The government of Kenya has introduced subjects like science, technology and agriculture in schools to teach the children as young as 7 years old the importance of trees, tree planting, how to utilize green energy and how to farm using different methods like irrigation without relying on rainfall.

The slums in Kenya are the most polluted due to lack of proper sanitation, lack of clean water and lack of proper garbage and trash control. Here in Spring Valley the children are taught about environmental cleanliness, effects of pollution, how to get rid of trash the proper way, recycling and they are also taught about farming and how to grow food in the small garden that is located behind the school washrooms.

The children also have an environmental cleanliness day where they go around the community collecting trash and burning trash with their teachers and staff. Our prayer is that when the children will grow up they will be able to assist in reversing the bad environmental choices the previous generations have made by planting more trees, learning how to grow their own food so that they do not face starvation like previous generations and help maintain the beautiful natural resources God gave us.

We cannot thank you enough our dear partners for supporting the children of Spring Valley through education and the feeding program of Spring Valley. Without your support and giving our children would have probably starved to death like other children who are in worse situations in parts of Kenya and Africa.

Compared to other children in the country our children are healthy, whole, clean, happy and full of life. We cannot emphasize enough how the feeding program is the most important program in spring valley at such a time as this and we pray that the Lord almighty will continue to bless you so that through your support and gifts a child in spring valley can see another day and have a hope for a bright future. Thank you for showing the love of Christ to a poor and destitute child in Spring Valley.

Pictures above and below: Tr. Alice and Pastor Stanley harvested a few maize crops from their small garden in their homestead and brought the maize to the school for the children to enjoy. The grade 6 and grade 5 students removed the maize from the cob as they learned about agriculture.