It has been a very busy and stressful week for the grade 8 and grade 6 students who began their national exams on Monday October 30th and ended today Wednesday November 1st at 11am. At Spring Valley Tr. Jesse has been very busy all week together with the supervisor and invigilators sent by the government to manage the exams. Spring Valley was privileged to host five schools from the surrounding community whose students also come from very needy families. We have all been cheering the students on, and we know they will do exceptionally well in the exams.

After the completion of the exams Pastor Stanley, tr. Alice and tr. Jesse were joined by all the staff members and the children were given words of advice by Pastor Masambe and he also prayed a prayer of blessing over them. After that, the students were given a small graduation party to help them mark this huge milestone of completing their primary education. The grade 6 students will now transition to junior high in January and the grade 8 students will be joining various high schools across the country in January also.

The children were very grateful for the special lunch of beef pilau, cabbage, cake and juice and the day ended on a very high note and we are so grateful.

Thank you our dear partners for all you do for us, you have each supported our grade 8 and grade 6 students since they were 2yrs old and now we can see the mighty work and transformation that has taken place in their lives. They are healthy, strong, confident, and very smart and they each love God and they are growing up to be very wonderful young ladies and men of the future. May the Lord bless each of you in a great way because none of this would be possible without your assistance. Thank you for making great things happen in Spring Valley!!