The last month has been devastating for Kenyans due to the heavy rains and floods that hit the country very unexpectedly. Here in Spring Valley the floods have caused havoc in the following areas and below is a breakdown of the aftereffects of the heavy rains.


The heavy rains and flood water cause major water pipes that supply water to the Spring Valley region and most of Nairobi to burst and cut off the supply of much needed water to the residents of Spring Valley and Nairobi. People have become very desperate due to the lack of clean water to drink, do laundry, cook and clean. This has also caused a serious outbreak of cholera and typhoid in Nairobi especially in slums.


Because of the water shortage Pastor Stanley and tr. Alice have been offering free water to the entire community from the school water well. For the past few weeks hundreds of people from Spring Valley and beyond have come to fetch water from the water kiosk at the school and the lines have been very long. We are very grateful to be able to make a difference and show the love of Jesus by giving water to the community at this crucial time and to prevent the spread of diseases like Cholera and Typhoid


The floods swept away crops growing in farms and now there is a serious shortage of food in the country and the food that is available is very expensive because most of it is imported. The government had tried to introduce a school feeding program to be able to give most of the school children in Kenya at least one free meal during the day but the current floods have forced the government to use a lot of money to rescue people and now the money that was to be allocated to feeding the school children of Kenya is not available leaving millions of school children who are now even more desperate due to the rains with no lunch when they are in school.


For the last 25yrs pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice have been feeding the poor and destitute children of Spring Valley four meals a day daily thanks to you our wonderful friends. During a crisis like this one pastor Stanley and tr. Alice not only feed the children but give out food baskets to the needy families in the community. For the last four weeks since the floods began Pastor Stanley and tr. Alice have been giving hot delicious meals to all the children of the community regardless of whether they school here or not. Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice have also given out a lot of food baskets to the members of the community who have been devastated by the floods and rain.


The heavy rains caused rivers to burst their banks and flood homes and schools and destroying a lot of property across the country. The floods also caused death, and the opening up of fissures and sink holes in the rift valley region and many residents of the town of Nakuru have lost their homes as the ground opened up and their homes sank, and the sink holes have also destroyed schools. Over 158 schools in Nairobi and across the country have been unable to resume learning due to the schools being unsafe and permanently damaged by the floods. It is estimated over ten thousand school children have not gone back to school due to this crisis and it is a very sad situation.


We are so happy to report that apart from the fence around our small gate that was damaged by the floods everything else in the school, church, washrooms and dorms remained intact during the heavy rains. Our children resumed learning yesterday and our boarders had somewhere clean, warm and safe to sleep thanks to the dormitories. Pastor Stanley and tr. Alice have also taken in some new students whose schools and homes were lost during the floods. We are still assessing the situation and rescuing more children who are need of assistance.