We wanted to share with you some of the incredible things we witnessed during our recent leadership team visit to our global partners in Romania.  Sara Hendren, Executive Director, Marsha Weber, Board Chair, and Bob Kaylor, Board Member traveled to Romania in late May. This journey was nothing short of inspiring, and we are thrilled to share the highlights with you.

Highlights from Romania

Children Filled with Love and Joy:

Everywhere we looked, we saw children filled with love and joy, thriving as they embark on their journeys to understand who God made them to be. Despite the challenging circumstances they face, their spirits are bright and hopeful.

Meeting Essential Needs:

Children are being provided essential needs such as shelter, food, education, healthcare, and spiritual guidance are being met. These fundamental provisions are paving the way for these children to envision and achieve bright futures.

Two Partner Locations in Sibiu and Arad:

At our two partner locations in Sibiu and Arad, the courage and strength in the eyes of each child were unmistakable. Their resilience and hope are true reflections of the bright futures ahead of them.

Determination, Heart, and Love of Our Global Hope Partners:

Powerful determination, heart, and love of our Global Hope partners, Pastor Christi in Sibiu, and Pastor Romi in Arad, were evident in every interaction. Their unwavering commitment to serving and uplifting these children is truly inspiring.

A Story of Transformation

During an interview with our Executive Director, a young woman who had the opportunity to be raised at Ana’s House in Arad, Romania, shared a touching story. She recounted that at the age of eight, when she was chosen to live at Ana’s House, it was the first time in her life that she had truly felt love. The expression of love that she received for the first time in her eight years of life was a hug. A simple hug, offered to her over and over with true love and compassion, altered her view of herself and the value she had to the world. She stated that this simple act of a hug, given freely, made her fully know she was loved and cherished by God and that He had a plan and purpose for her life.  Watch for a link to this interview in a future newsletter.