Children who live in the slums in Kenya are usually written off by the rest of the society as children who will never amount to anything because they come from low income families, broken homes and are usually shunned by people. For the last 25yrs pastor Stanley and tr. Alice have been transforming such children here in Spring Valley who have been rejected, abused, and shunned because of their background. Pastor Stanley, tr. Alice, tr. Jesse and all the staff have made sure to not only feed the children, teach them the word of God, shelter them but they have also made sure that the children get the best quality Education as any other high cost school in the country.

The current school curriculum requires that the children are taught about computers and IT. Most of the schools that are in marginalized, rural and poor areas have not been able to implement these lessons due to lack of funds, electricity and other logistics. We are so happy to report that despite Spring Valley being in a very bad slum the children of Spring Valley get to enjoy state of the art computer lessons with laptops provided for by you our wonderful partners and friends.

The greatest miracle is that the current students are being taught computers and IT by our own former students who are studying computer engineering and mathematics in university. Pastor Stanley, tr. Alice, tr. Jesse and all the staff are very proud of our students who are so eager to learn the latest technology and are becoming tech savvy.

Last weekend the grade 7 and 8 students had a computer lesson and they are really excelling in this subject. Thank you so much our dear partners and friends for the support you have given Pastor Stanley and Pastor Alice over the years that has helped transform the students of Spring Valley from rejection to excellence. May the Lord truly bless each one of you for making a child in Spring Valley feel loved, accepted and hopeful for the future.