Tuesday September 13th was the inauguration of Kenya’s fifth president, His Excellency Dr. William Ruto. It was a public holiday and we are happy to report that the whole swearing in process went on smoothly and peacefully. The biggest highlight of the day for us here in Spring Valley was that tr. Jesse and his wonderful wife Susan got to attend the state banquet at the presidential state house of Kenya together with other dignitaries and politicians of the country.
One of the first lady’s assistants, an aide and some government officials know about what Pastor Stanley, tr. Alice and tr. Jesse have been doing in Spring Valley to empower and transform the lives of poor children and community for the last 20 years and extended the luncheon invitation to Jesse and his wife Susan to honor the philanthropic work that is being done at the school and project. Jesse is the one who was chosen to go because he is usually the one who deals with the government concerning the school matters.

On Wednesday, September 14, the children resumed their end of term exams after the one-day holiday, but pastor Stanley and tr. Alice made sure that the children got to enjoy a special lunch of beef pilau, cabbage, juice, cookies and candy to celebrate all the children who were born in September and to also celebrate the wonderful milestones Spring Valley Center and School has achieved over the years. The children had no clue they were to have a special lunch and their faces lit up when the cooks and staff started serving them food at 1pm.